Considerations When Choosing Patio Doors


Patio doors offer a window to the outside world allowing home owners to enjoy a view of the surrounding area. The main issue with many types of patio doors is that they have frames that can impede a view. The advantages of installing Alfresco bifold doors are numerous.

What types of patio doors are available?

Wooden Framed Doors - Many home owners will simply install wooden framed doors with glass in them or glass panels that have aluminium frames. While these types of patio doors will cover off the space they are not the best option when it comes to seeing the scenery outside. Frames and hardware can get in the way of an uninterrupted view. It can be frustrating to be constantly looking at posts and frames instead of a clear landscape beyond your window or door.

Solid Doors - Solid doors are not an option that you would consider for a home with a patio or a room that looks onto an area outside.

Sliding Glass Doors – a better option for views, but you are still left with the frame of the door that impedes your view. Frames obstruct site lines and take away from an otherwise flawless view.

Bi-Fold doors – the best option is Alfresco bi-fold doors because they slide open to fully expose the outside, opening you up to a whole new world. You can enjoy the view with the entire door moved out of the way; leaving a wide open space that provides you with the ultimate view of the outside world.

Why Choose Bifold Doors?

Aside from the main advantage of the best view possible, bifold doors are energy rated, which helps you to reduce your carbon footprint by using less heat in the winter and keeping the heat out in the summer. Tinted glass can help to provide privacy to residents when the doors are closed and clipped into place.

The doors have the option of opening inward or outward and move along tracks in the ceiling and the floor that allow the doors to fully open. These doors are an ideal choice from the smallest of homes to a larger luxury home. This choice of door is also a popular choice for restaurants and commercial spaces or retail stores.

Alfresco bi-fold doors are an excellent alternative to conventional windows. Instead of having glass framed in place, you can move the doors out of the line of your view and off to the side to fully open up a space, effectively bringing the outside in. Bi-fold doors are free of posts, mullions and glass panels which makes them versatile and moveable. 

What about colour?

Alfresco bi-fold doors are available in a wide range of colors with custom powder coating available by request. Colour palates are available and there are other options including anti-graffiti protection, which is a desirable choice for commercial applications. With a wide variety of colour choices the frames of the doors does not have to be boring or bland.

Make a statement with a vibrant colour choice like primrose or deep ocean, dune or jasper. The colour choices are numerous. Colours are simple to coordinate with existing home features and accents.

How do Alfresco Bifold Doors work?

These doors are simply installed on a long continuous track that runs the length of the doors to be installed. The doors are inserted on the tracks (tracks are located at the top and bottom of the doors). Once installed, the doors can be opened inward or outward (depending upon how they are installed on the track) and slid completely out of the way, leaving a full, wide and uninterrupted opening into the outdoors.

There are no longer any barriers to your view such as window frames – wood or metal. The view that you will be enjoying is your yard or whatever kind of scenery you have. Perhaps your home is on the beach and you overlook the ocean or maybe you have a spectacular mountain view. It does not matter what the view is, the fact of matter is that you want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Low Maintenance Bifold doors

Bifold doors are a product that does not need much maintenance. Windows need to be cleaned constantly in order for you to be able to enjoy a clear view outside. Bifold doors can be opened up to reveal the great outdoors and you don’t have to get out the window cleaner and rag to get the best view. The large glass doors are moved out of the line of vision and stowed on the edge of the track, out of the way until they are closed in the evening.

These doors are also a great choice as a room divider. If you want to separate one room from another inside of your home, but maintain the ability to remove the barrier, bifold doors are a great choice. These doors offer a very flexible way to connect two rooms together or to divide them into two very distinctive spaces.

If you have been looking for a good alternative to sliding glass doors or regular windows, why not consider Alfresco Bi-fold Doors? These units are extremely affordable, come in a variety of vibrant colours that will suit any taste, and can be opened or closed with ease. Many different choices are available in textured surfaces that can add interest to the frames of the units and make them extremely unique.